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Fuel Additives

Fuel Additives

At F C Dawes & Son Ltd , working alongside leading brand Exocet we can supply additives for all your oil boiler system, private and commercial vehicles and marine needs!

Exocet is the brand name for fuel additives formulated and blended by Fuel Additive Science Technologies Limited (FAST).

We've given you a brief description of some of the advantages of adding additives to Kerosene through to, Red Diesel and Road Diesel.

Exocet Cooker is a specialist fuel additive designed to improve the 'burn quality' of domestic kerosene when used in range-style cookers and boilers and/or where vaporising burners are being utilised. Exocet Premium Heating is a specialist fuel additive designed to improve the 'burn quality' of domestic kerosene, stabilises fuel, inhibits sludge formation, reduces deposit build up and keeps fuel fresh for longer when used in pressure jet boilers.

Exocet Gas Oil Extra is a gas oil (BS2869:A2) upgrade product formulated to allow modern diesel engines calibrated on EN590 DERV to run on red diesel. It also compensates for some of the deleterious effects of a higher FAME content e.g. tendency for water pick-up. The product will additionally enhance the performance of older vehicles.

    Exocet Diesel Supreme fulfils two functions:
  • to act as an additive package for unadditised, terminal-sourced DERV (basic EN590 diesel)
  • to upgrade retail diesel to premium grade fuel

If you would like more information on our heating oil or any of our other fuel services for your home then please donít hesitate to contact us; call 01462 322180 (or your local number) today or contact us online. With a professional team ready to answer your questions, you can get advice and quotations when you call or email us today.

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