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What’s the Best Form of Heating for Your Home?

What’s the Best Form of Heating for Your Home?

There are numerous ways that you could heat your home, each with its own benefits or drawbacks depending on the type of home that you have. Knowing which form of heating is best for your home, however, can be tricky for those not in the know. Not to worry, though, as this month we’ll be discussing what the best form of heating is for all types of homes so you can make the most informed decision possible.

There are three main ways for you to heat your home. These consist of wood, natural gas and heating oil. We’ll be analysing the costs and benefits of each of these in detail during this month’s article.

Wood Heating

Heating your home by burning wood is the only renewable source of heating on this list. To make wood extremely cost effective, though, you must be able to source, cut, chop and haul the wood to your home yourself. It can also be cumbersome and difficult to store. But if you’re willing to put in the extra effort, there can be some benefits to this method. If you are looking for a cleaner heating fuel and you’re willing to put in the extra work, wood heating might be for you.

One of the main concerns that you might have with wood heating, however, is its propensity for producing smoke. Without proper ventilation, the smoke can be harmful for you and your loved ones. What’s more, it is widely believed that wood is only good at heating a single room at a time. While this may not be true in all scenarios, it is something to bear in mind.

Also, if you can’t source and prepare the wood yourself then you will need to purchase wood pellets. Wood pellets are an extremely expensive heating method, as shown in the table below. So another option may be more appropriate.

Natural Gas Heating

Natural gas is the means by which the majority of people heat their home. If you’re connected to the National Grid, this will be the type of gas you use to heat your home. It usually works via a central heating system that pushes the heat through pipes around your home. It is a highly efficient system, but the best systems can be quite expensive to install. However, the control that you can exert over the heating throughout your property can offset the costly downside.

Most houses come fitted with a connection to the National Grid. As a result, a lot of people may never give changing their system a second thought, being quite happy to carry on as business as usual with this simple solution. But this can be costlier than doing nothing at all. Take the time to find out whether you could benefit more from switching to another heating system. Wood could be a better fuel supply for you, or even solar power if your home sees enough sun throughout the year. The point is not to sit idle. For instance, may a heating oil system save you money in the long run? You could save hundreds of pounds a year on energy bills by switching.

Heating Oil

Not everyone has access to the national supply of natural gas. Others may want to find a more efficient heating fuel for their requirements. An oil heating system is an excellent alternative that solves these issues. The performance of heating oil far surpasses that of wood and natural gas because oil burns at far hotter temperatures. Furthermore, you can store vast quantities of heating oil in a tank at your home, ensuring that you have a constant supply of heating fuel to last you through the cold months.

Perhaps more importantly for some, because you can buy heating oil in bulk you may be able to save money on your heating costs, too. If you invest in an efficient system and take your time calculating out your oil usage and when you’ll require another delivery, you can ensure this system is highly cost effective. Moreover, heating oil has been shown to be the cheapest form of energy on the market, especially when used efficiently – so use it efficiently!

The Cheapest Form of Energy is Heating Oil

Ultimately, the best form of heating for your home depends on your requirements, your location and your budget, so the decision is yours to make. As you can see in the table from FPS here, heating oil is by far the cheapest fuel you can use to heat your home. Other forms of fuel just don’t compare, so what are you waiting for? Switch to heating oil today to save immensely on your heating costs. And when you do, FC Dawes & Son will be there to help!

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