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Red Diesel in the UK

Red Diesel in the UK

When it comes to diesel fuel, generally there are two different types used in the UK: ‘red’ and ‘white’. ‘White diesel’ is commonly used to fill cars, trucks and other road vehicles, but red diesel is used for heating, agriculture and construction. As many people get confused about the differences between the two, this month we will be detailing what red diesel is exactly.

What Is Red Diesel?

Ultimately, there is little chemical difference between red and white diesel. They are both quite similar in chemical structure, but gas oil red diesel has a lower cetane rating, so may have a lower energy yield than the Derv (vehicle diesel) alternative. Derv also has a Bio element to it that is a compulsory addition, whereas in red diesel it is optional. These differences, however, are impossible to tell by sight alone. Therefore, the way authorities differentiate between the two types is through a red dye that’s added to red diesel.

Red diesel also has a lower duty rate than Derv levy free, making it a cost effective fuel source for a number of different activities, but cannot be used to fuel a standard road vehicle. The activities it can be used in range from agricultural to construction, heating to commercial aviation, but these have to be approved by the relevant bodies.

Using Red Diesel Appropriately

Red diesel must only be used for certain authorised activities. As red diesel is less expensive than standard white diesel, some people believe it’s wise to use red diesel to fuel their car. However, because red diesel isn’t taxed the same this is against the law, and will carry heavy fines for any infringement. When it comes to vehicles, red diesel can only be used in agricultural machines such as tractors, construction machines like cranes, and sometimes in jet engines.

Red Diesel as Heating Oil

Although there a few different types of heating oil you could use – such as the cheaper kerosene – red diesel is a cost-effective choice, too. Despite the price for crude oil being on the rise again, due to the lower costs of red diesel it is still a viable option for heating your home. Bulk deliveries of gas oil can be made to your premises to see you through the colder months. Elsewhere on the site, we have extolled the benefits of using heating oil to keep your home warm, and the different types of tanks that are available. However, to find out more about our efficient heating oil solutions, you can get in touch with the experts here at FC Dawes & Son today!

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